The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.  The main objective of these computers is to provide a high performing desktop computer, while taking up as little space as possible.  It was introduced in 1998, in colorful gumdrop form with the iMac G3.  The second model was the iMac G4.  This desktop computer featured a hemisphere base and a flat screen LCD monitor to take up dramatically less space.  The iMac G5 placed all the components immediately behind the display to take up even less space. New models have an Intel processor -- some call them Intel iMacs, but the latest model is simply called the iMac.

Mac Operating Systems

Macs have always had a unique operating system that sets them apart from your regular PCs.  These are less prone to viruses, have a simple interface, and they hardly ever crash. * Mac OS X 10.2 known as "Jaguar" * Mac OS X 10.3 known as "Panther" * Mac OS X 10.4 known as "Tiger" (the first Mac OS to operate on Intel based Macs) * Mac OS X 10.5 known as "Leopard" * Mac OS X 10.6 known as "Snow Leopard"

Other Great Mac Computers

Apple has had a lot of other superb Macintosh laptops and desktops to offer. ! * The Mac Mini is another great Macintosh desktop.  It is an incredibly compact desktop unit, a 6.5" x 6.5"square about 2" thick, that can be plugged into any screen you want to use. * The Apple iBook G3 and G4 are older model laptops, but they are a great value buy for their compact design and fully capability. * The Powerbook G3 and G4 are Apple's older performance model laptops.  These use Apple processors like the iBook, so they are a great buy if you want to play those old Macintosh-formatted games. * Macbooks are the current, cutting edge Apple laptop.  They come in three models--the workhorse Macbook, the powerful Macbook Pro, and the super thin Macbook Air.

iMac Accessories

Here are some of the hottest iMac accessories to make your Apple your own.

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