The original mp3 players weren't widely available ten years ago, that's pretty cool. Currently, the iPhone is on its third generation, but Apple's frequent updates mean a new model is just around the corner.


 The iPhone is one of those products you could gush about all day. Let's keep it simple, and talk about some basic features of the iPhone: * Cell Phone: Yep, at it's most basic, the iPhone will let you call friends and family. So long as they want to talk to you, anyway. * Music: You can hold thousands of songs on your iPhone, lest we forget this is also an mp3 player. * Web Browser: Through the technological wonder of wireless internet, you too can watch videos of cats being weird from nearly any location. * Camera: Later iPhone models include a camera, so you can record videos of cats being weird in any location. And upload them instantly. * Accelorometer: Not just a geek-chic kind of name, the accelorometer gives the iPhone it's motion sensitivity, letting you play games and change the screen orientation. * Apps: There are apps for movie release dates, calculating your carbon foot print and monitoring your diabetes. There's an app for everything.




Of course, no device is perfect. Some frustrations one may encounter when looking into buying an iPhone include: * '''Touch Screen''': Except for special touch screen is useless without human body heat. *  '''Apple Security''':Apple jealously guards it's software rights protections, so if you're the type to um, "personalize" the operating systems and software of your electronics, you will be voiding the iPhone's warranty. This is especially frustrating as the iPhone is one of the few iPod products Apple will repair and return rather than replace. * '''Wireless Service''': In the United States, iPhones can only use AT&T phone service. Those under long term contracts with other companies may incur fees if they try to break their contract early; those disinclined to change services at all are more or less stranded. Also, in some areas, AT&T coverage is limited; while Apple and AT&T have offered up mini-towers as a solution, it's not a very popular one. It's another fee and frankly, they're unsightly. * '''Updates''': They sounds like a great thing, but technology updates aren't so great to those who bought the previous model before the new one was announced. Ask any 2G user. As a rule, It's a pretty safe bet to hold off on purchasing any Apple product until their annual developers conference, to better find out if the product you've been eyeing is about to become obsolete.

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