Let's face it, yoga is popular. Like really, really popular. Most gyms offer yoga classes, there are yoga schools, retreats, and even magazines dedicated to yoga lovers! That's a lot of yoga. After originating in India, it's now one of the most practiced activities for women (and an increasing number of men) in the world. Plus, nothing beats that after-yoga limber feeling you get after a good session.

Yoga Apparel

To stay comfortable during your workout, you will need good yoga apparel, including yoga socks, pants and a comfortable shirt. Although baggy clothing might seem appealing with the amount of stretching, bending, and twisting that is involved, make sure your yoga apparel is form-fitting

Get a Leg Up

Yoga pants come in different lengths, sizes, and colors. Choose a pant that is flattering toyour body shape and yoga ability. After all, you don't want anything to rip while twisted like a pretzel.  


Just because you're working out doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. It's not hard to find a yoga top that combines fashion, performance, and comfort. 

The Equipment

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are important to your overall comfort while practicing yoga. You'll want to get a non-slip pad with enough cushion for your back; some people like softer mats and some people like firmer mats. And remember, never share a mat! * '''Yoga-Mad Grip Dot Mat''':  A thin mat that's machine washable * '''Interlocking Foam Mats''': For use at home or at the gym. These aren't portable but are very thick and comfortable. * '''Standard Roll-up Mat''': These are just your run of the mill mas for every day use.

Water Bottles

One of the most important things when doing any sort of workout is to stay hydrated. Keep one of these water bottles nearby and you won't have any issues with thirst! * '''Plastic Antibacterial Bottle''': This bottle has a sports top and uses antibacterial materials to keep your drink clean. * '''BPA Free Aluminum Bottle''': For anyone looking to steer clear of bottles containing BPA, this is a great option. * '''Sports Bottle''': This plastic bottle has a wide-mouth opening and a screw off cap.

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